Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Activity Works videos integrate 12-minute exercise bursts with core curriculum for elementary classrooms. Scientifically developed, this plug and play program is used to maximize academic performance, combat obesity, and meet state mandates for school physical activity.    
Selected clips from "Cat and Parrot", an Activity Works video based on a folktale from India during which a ravenous cat eats everyone he comes in contact with - until he gobbles up a pair of crabs with sharp claws!
Condensed from the Activity Works exercise video "Anansi and the Glowing Ball", based on a story from Ghana that tells of the exploits of a spider and his resourceful family.

Selections from the first seasons of Activity Works videos.
The Jaguar and the Goat", a Brazilian folk tale, was the basis for this installment in the series. The two title characters each lay claim to the same house in the forest.
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    As part of the Gateway to a Healthy Community Initiative, Johnson & Johnson has launched the Healthier Kids program, bringing Activity Works to thousands of students.      
      Producer: Suggs Media  
  Directed by: Jeanne Suggs  
  Animation: Animotion Inc  
  Music composed by: Roderick Jackson  
  Arranged and mixed by: Dave Fields