Zampa Montage    



I may be spokesperson for Animotion, but what I really want to do is conduct. This montage features some of ANIMOTION'S work that isn't elsewhere on our Web Site. It includes selections from WebSites, like Royer Studios Production Services and Safe Driving sites, to games such as Mattel's "Interstellar Wrestling League", (Imagine Engine) Hasbro's "Connect 4" (Play First), to Web Series like "The League" and "Matt Rassler" (Scream Therapy). You can also see bits we did on projects for Vantine Imaging and Welch/Allen (MindShare), Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital (Axxess), Empire State Development as well as the bug for eMediaWorks. We wanted to show a variety of styles including some 3d from our association with Cobalt Blue. The overture from "Zampa" was actually conducted by Dr. James T. Spencer of the Syracuse University Brass Ensemble.

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